Why PPC Alchemy?

Our AI-driven ad technology gives you all the tools you need to create highly-targeted global advertising campaigns. With innovative inventory and prediction algorithms, you can reach your target audience across all formats and devices through one simplified interface.


Highest ROI


Interface Simplicity


Innovative Targetting


Prediction Algorithms

Innovative Features Advertiser Solutions

Advanced Targeting

Tailor your ads to the right audience and choose from our wide range of targeting options

Quick Campaign Creation

Set up your campaign and start advertising within minutes

Automated ROI Optimization

Our CPA Target bidding technology automatically removes manual work and optimizes ROI

High Quality Traffic

Tier 1 and tier 2 publishers, ad networks, adexchanges and SSPs deliver over 1 million weekly new subscriptions

AI-Based Performance Analysis

Let the system analyze how the traffic performs


PPCAlchemy's fraud filters protect your ad campaigns from unwanted traffic

Monetize Your Traffic Publisher Solutions

PPCAlchemy provides wide scope of ad monetization opportunities to all types of online media publishers. If your intention is to generate more revenue through your website and you are in depsperate need of the most advanced monetization technologies – you are in the right company! PPCAlchemy will provide you with endless opportunities to earn real money. PPCAlchemy's ad formats fit any monetization strategy. Start growing your income today!